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Default Re: Vanguard ETF\'s: VWO: Put more of my money into emerging markets?

Your allocation looks great (except that it only adds up 90%). I'd stick with it. Don't worry about the weak dollar.

[/ QUOTE ]

Thanks gull. It does add up to 100%, though : )

Question: why not put more money overseas? Here is how I think of it and feel free to tell me if I'm wrong: when you are investing in overseas funds you are pretty much investing every else but the US...the world. Since the world is such a big place I think it makes more sense to have more money invested overseas than in the US. It seems more diversified. I don't know what the point of having 70% of my eggs in one basket (the US) is. I would also be more protected if more bad things were to happen to the US economy if I had most of my funds invested overseas. Also, generally, if the US is doing well, isn't the rest of the world doing well also?
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