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Default Re: $10k Foxwoods - Small underpair multiway hand vs Danny Wong

C-bet is fine, the board is pretty damn good for 88, I'd usually take a stab at it. Against players who like to hang around with crap, frequent double barreling is a good idea IMO.

Here, your hand could easily be good on the turn and isn't getting called by worse (or is it?, I don't know if your OP covers this), so checking is obviously OK.

As played, you have to call the river, bets this small aren't even worth thinking about most of the time. Checking behind the turn and then raising the river is a tough sell, unless you've been seen checking behind monsters in position on the turn prior to this hand. Not to mention you have no clue what he has, so you could be just donating a lot of chips by raising.
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