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Default Re: Button steal hand leads to heated theory argument

Or you can bet the turn, planning to check behind on the river, but you have to fold to a check raise.

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Why would you check behind on a river blank?

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Because your hand isn't good enough to invest two big bets over the turn and river.

If you want to invest more money in these situations, I think it will be costly. But you don't want to give the hands away either. It is establishing a budget for how much you are willing to invest in a hand, and then investing it in the way that will show the most profit in the long run against this particular type opponent.

When you have a pocket pair and there are two broadway overcards on the board you would like to get to showdown as cheaply as possible. In this case, a queen with a mediocre kicker would call you on the turn and would probably not lead into you on the river. Even a King with a weak kicker might play that way. Your nines are just not that strong. There is not much value in betting the river if checked to on a blank because there are very few hands worse than yours that will call, and just about no better hands that will fold.
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