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Default Re: Commodities books: Classic in the field?

In all honesty, I almost feel like I lucked out getting my foot in the door in this business. I've found economics, from a practical standpoint, at the undergrad level, has limited practical use outside of the casual lecture on sunk costs you can give your friends. Having said that, I knew at about 15 that I was going to major in economics. I really enjoyed the behavioral, purely rational models econ presented and find that I'm a much better "thinker" for having gone through that process.

I think the commodities business is one of the few pplaces ("perfect competition") you really get the chance to see this type of market at work.

If I were you, going to grad school to do econ, I would most definitely focus on the quant. side of things. Otherwise, I'd just get an MBA. Ultimately, of course, it depends on what you want to do. If you enjoy the purely academic side of things, then by all means, do Int'l Econ.

I'm the type of person who gets borderline obsessed when I start a new activity/interest/hobby. All I wanted to do was find a job in an industry I'm interested in (real estate, banking, finance, gov't.), have a chance to prove myself and learn from the ground up. In that respect, econ was fine for me. Put more plainly, if I had the chance to go back and change my major, would I do it? No.

Just my two cents. Feel free to ask any other questions.
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