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Default Re: KK in position and deep

your preflop action is completely retarded

it looks like you're smoked on the flop...the guy check raised like half the pot oop with two other people in the hand, calling a bet on the flop

[/ QUOTE ]

[/ QUOTE ]

You answered the first problem already:
SB who is very good cold calls, which pisses me off b/c I have no idea what his range is b/c I know he thinks i'm tight/weak and it prices in UTG+1 w/ a lot more hands.

You have to make a bigger re-raise P/F than to just $150?

After the flop being C/R with two others involved, I think you have to punt as your Ks is more than likely no good anyway,even if a 4th spade were to fall on the river.

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