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Default Re: 2+2ers hitting up a play money site?

Hi Marc,

I hope you saw my comment was somewhat tongue-in-cheek. I conversed a bit with the other Mark by email and he explained exactly what you just stated to me. I was more commenting on the fact that IF Sonia is crushing the games then us humans have been making a lot of strategic mistakes against players such as the typical opponents at your tables. That scares me a bit because we (2+2ers who study and think about the game) take certain things for granted that Sonia will either prove wrong or we will all continue to disagree with her about. I hope you could see why this would be unsettling to some of us, a shift of thought has to occur given the potential evidence Sonia can bring to the table about her correct play.

All, at first I was a bit freaked out by the site too, and a friend even told me "do you think they are just modeling your play to make a bot that will crush the online games" but what it comes down to for me is they certainly don't need to go to all the trouble of creating a site like this if that was the sneaky secret goal. I mean they could just hire the best players out there to come and give them strategy advice in private. The fact that they are open and honest about what the site is and isn't is pretty reassuring. I for one think these days limit hold'em strategy discussion often is boring or we repeat the same things we've asked and discussed many times before, but playing with my virtual player and seeing his stats and results and what he concludes about my play from small samples of hands is giving me a new perspective on potential leaks in my game, ways opponents perceive us in a small sample of hands, and then there is Sonia's play itself, which might lead to a lot of things we thought were correct plays being shown to be suboptimal.


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I agree with this. I would also add that, having read the technology summary, I am pretty sure that Sonia would already be a winning bot at stakes of at least 10/20, and likely higher than that at HU games. That is, if they want to use Sonia in real money games to make a lot of cash, they don't need our help.

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