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Default Re: 2+2ers hitting up a play money site?


There is some information about this on the Technology page, but basically we do translate game events into a more digestible form for Sonia first (e.g. current pot size, who last bet, the button position etc.). This translation stage can be thought of as her basic set of 'sensory connectors' to the outside world. However, the derivation of meaning from this information, how to use it, when it's important etc. is entirely self learnt by Sonia during her initial training phase, and then ongoing on the site as she interacts with real human players.

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This makes sense to me. Also, it seem that if this is the case then by creating an appropriately fine-grained sensory layer Sonia should be able to perform decently to very well in other variants of poker.

Have you guys tested her in NL games yet, eg?

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