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Default Re: deep bluff vs fasteddie

In general I don't like to run huge bluffs versus players that might be fed up and annoyed with me, especially not when they might be steaming. And it's seems kinda likely that he's both annoyed with you and steamed at this point. Factor in that villain knows you're capable of bluffing and that he's capable of slowplaying in pots like this one and I think you will be called alot. A straight and all the sets goes in the slowplayng category and I can see him call with big pairs if he's in fact steamed and annoyed with you.

I had a simular pot a week or so ago, similar villain and similar history. I think it illustrates quite clearly what I wrote above.

Game # 685914474 - Texas Hold'em No Limit EUR 2/4 - Table "Onda"

Players(max 6):
M26_7 (EUR 311.60 in seat 1)
--007-- (EUR 754.31 in seat 3)
LikeDuhh (EUR 1,179.65 in seat 6)

Dealer: M26_7
Small Blind: --007-- (2.00)
Big Blind: LikeDuhh (4.00)

LikeDuhh was dealt: Td - 7d

M26_7 Fold
--007-- Raise (20.00)
LikeDuhh Call (18.00)

Flop 2h - Jd - 8h

--007-- Bet (45.00)
LikeDuhh Call (45.00)

Turn 2h - Jd - 8h - Th

--007-- Bet (70.00)
LikeDuhh Raise (235.00)
--007-- Call (165.00)

River 2h - Jd - 8h - Th - 4s

--007-- Check
LikeDuhh Bet (444.00)
--007-- Call (444.00)

LikeDuhh shows: Td - 7d (a pair of tens)
--007-- shows: Ac - Ah (a pair of aces)

--007-- wins: EUR 1,491.25 (with a pair of aces)
Rake: EUR 0.75

Game ended 2007-11-18 16:09:32 GMT+01:00
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