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Default Unsolicited Plug for Stoxpoker

Hello 2+2,

I just wanted to put in an unsolicited review of Stoxpoker. I used to subscribe to a different coaching site and have taken some one on one coaching with a very good coach from 2+2. I have to say that without a doubt, Stoxpoker is a great investment of time and money.

I really started to get excited about the site when I saw that Ed Miller was going to start posting and putting up videos there. Previously I had avoided coaching sites that were primarily limit holdem based since I was focusing on NL. However, it now seems that Stoxpoker has really started to compile a great mix of different content (NL, Limit, Sit and go, razz etc) and now seems the most versatile of any of the video coaching sites out there.

Furthermore, I only paid $189 for 6 months and got a free gift (sit and go Wizard) which I wanted to buy anyways and normally costs $100. I was hoping to get into sit and go's after reading Colin's sit and go book, so having him as a coach there cemented it for me. After watching two of his video's I feel like between the software and what I have learned so far I would be content based on the $$$ I have spent, and I still have over 6 months left to go (based on completing a 1 month free promotion).

I would highly recommend stoxpoker to anyone out there looking to jump start their game. All I ask is that if you do, you don't sit to my right.

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