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Default Re: 3/6 NL HU video

I think the hands really are in the public domain, there is nothing at all shady about showing them.

As for discussing how you play -- I agree it would be the nice thing to do for the video maker to ask for your consent, especially if you are both regulars, but I don't think he has any obligation to do it. For me, it is like hitting and running, or joining a game that two players clearly want to keep HU. Not strictly wrong, but not polite.

- the video is probably more useful to you than to anyone else, especially if your opponent was a strong player
- where do you draw the line? If it was a 9 handed table would it still be impolite to discuss the game without all 8 opponents' permission? Perhaps the poster above is right and some way of blocking out screen names is best (easy to do with most recording software).