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Default Re: What does the donk minbet mean?

In my experience, a lot of bad players will appear to be playing limit poker until they get to the river. They will only ever minraise or minbet. This lets you take hands like AK to the river very cheaply. I think the reason for this is that many bad players think that the time to make their "big move" is the river. My favorite play is this:

I raise PF with AK, a weak-tight BB calls.

Flop is nothing, BB minbets, I call.
Turn is nothing, BB minbets, I call.
River is nothhing, BB pots, I fold.

You get to see all 5 cards for less than what your c-bet would have been.

[/ QUOTE ]

I hate this because I call down to the river, and every time I fold my AK or 55 or something, I feel like they are cackling behind their monitor at the extra dollar they got out of me. Finally catching the winner on these is going to be so sweet.
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