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Default Re: Question about NASDAQ Market Makers

BINGO [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]...the players/MM's with the biggest position whether it be long or short....always have advantage to the direction a particular stock moves.

And the SMALLER the float...the more they can abuse that power

That is why stocks "usually" defy logic ,even though they might have great news,beat their EPS estimates,etc

Its a complete game,that the bigger players have a huge edge in.


*** its also the reason I have and will continue to try and warn you guys of the dangers of daytrading,as the playing field is not even close to being level when it comes to this kinda of intra-day crap

[/ QUOTE ]

I would make a small correction here:

The player/MM with the largest risk tolerance/capital or largest customer interested in the stock control the price in the short term, not the one with the biggest position (though they may CARE the most).
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