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Default TR: Magic the Gathering

this thread is the followup to the previous thread i made asking why there were so many magic pros were poker pros.

first off, i never played the game before, i have no dungeons and dragons background, ive never been into geeky stuff like this, i have a gf, and a good job (assistant project manager for a construction management firm renovating 4 schools, project worth 33million and im only 19). my point is, im a somewhat normal person, id say not much different from most of you guys other than the fact that i got a ballin job at 19 with no degree and i see my gfs [censored] bounce in my face just about every morning before i take her to work. key poit- im not inclined to this sort of thing.

so i go to yahoo, find my way to magics online version of the card game, figure out the rules/ flow of the game, download the demo, and suck for about an hour. at first i thought there was too much luck and the other guys were pros, but the demo was beginners only using default decks, so i tried and started getting thos "ooohh i get it" moments. i start winning a bit, still mostly losing, but i definitely start to see the strategy, skill needed to be good at ths game. even thought its a demo its really a pretty good game cuz every match is always different and its no doubt fun and challenging. stil not sure if i should pay 10-20 bux to get a custom deck, theres thousands of different cards/ strategies and i think it takes some time figurin it all out. when i do have free time/ bored ill check it out some more. one message i got from a 2+2er is that its better with friends so you can learn, talk, and strategize about it, which makes sense but i dont want to turn this into a real hobby. the fact that its online would keep me away from the annoying nerd hangouts/ conventions so thats nice. all in all its a pretty good game if your mature enough to get over the "wizards and magic are teh gay" stuff. some commitment needed but im sure its worth it if you have time and friends to go along with you.
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