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Default Re: Bankroll Management: Low Stakes

For example, lets take the 50NL example and someone 8-tables. When you get to $1,500 and feel comfortable, add a table of 100NL into your mix when you play and if you keep grinding out a profit, slowly add more tables until eventually you are at your baseline for the next level and are plaiying that level almost exclusively.

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This was my plan. I ended up winning at 25NL while losing at 50NL. Small sample size so this may have been purely coincidence, but it was enough to convince me the games are sufficiently different that playing both at once isn't a great idea for me.

Now I intend to stick with 25NL 'til I hit $1800 then switch to $50NL wholesale.

This means I won't play a level without at least 36 BI. In my case, this is *not* about protecting from a downswing wiping the bankroll out (I think my game is comfortably low enough variance to be playing 50NL already with my current roll), it is about protecting my mental health. The downswings on a horrible session look far less severe. I can literally sleep better at night!
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