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Default Re: ($109) Going broke w/ AQ in an unraised pot

Yeh, I am an advocate of sometimes limping, but this is a really bad spot to limp.

[/ QUOTE ]

What would be a good spot to limp with AQ if this isn't one?

[/ QUOTE ]
I said there are reasonable spots to limp, not to limp AQ. You might limp AQ in early position with 17-40xBB. The idea would be to limpreraise, but you could fold depending on the action, and there might also be situations to limp/call. However, in general AQ is just not a good hand to open limp.

With reasonably deep money, raising AQo UTG works fairly well. QQ+ and AK usually reraise. So you generally are not dominated if you are called.

You don't get a lot of value raising AQ in early position , because when you hit, it is what people are expecting.

With the limp, what do you do if you are raised? All the alternatives are not very good. In a limped pot, you have a hand that makes ace high or TPTK/TPGK, which is not very profitable and tricky to play.
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