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Default Re: Changes to Bay Area NL games?

I'm telling you the time charge isn't that bad at all, either.

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It sounds pretty bad to me. $12 an hour is the equivalent of 2 1/2 raked pots at the "normal" games. I know I don't average 2 1/2 pots per hour. It sucks badly enough getting raked when I win, it would be even worse to get raked when I lose too.

Assuming the game has no cap, this would be the best place for low limit players to play in the Bay Area. When I used to play that game in Hayward, there were a couple of us playing 1000+stacks and others playing their 100. Every one of the deeper stacks loved playing against the 100 dollar guys (usually less when the money would go it) under that structure.

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That's an incongruous statement. If I'm a low limit player, what do I care about a cap? I'm not buying in for a big stack anyway. And if the deepstack players love playing against me, how is that good for me?
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