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Default Re: Changes to Bay Area NL games?

DMW's mini Bay Area Trip Report. C notes at bottom.

I was at artechoke Joe's this weekend. blinds 1-2-2 but first opener must make it at least 5 to go.

When I first came in they made do a Missippi straddle to get cards (which necessitated any openers make it 10 to go). I thought they made it up on the spot.

tight passive players, they seemed to know each other. wouldn't commit without top pair. most only bought in for 100$. 6$ per 30 min time charge.

So 'true nl' as in there was seemingl no limit as to the rules they could invent to take your money. I didn't think anyone other than the one big stack was actually winning. And I don't think his nitty ways would win in a long run with that much money coming off of the tables.

I endured for 90 min and went to play 3-6, which had a messed up rent in itself as 1$ pf was raked followed by 3$ on the flop. If the game was loose (usually was) then the rake wasn't so bad. But if the pot was say, 3-handed. then there was a nice 45% rake took hold.

CLIFF NOTES: Don't go.

[/ QUOTE ]

This structure sounds just like the old game at the Palace in Hayward. That was one of the best games that I've ever seen for the stakes played.

The 1-2-2, 5 to go structure is fantastic for action and encourages multiway pots. How could you not want that?

As for your "kill" when you posted in, this is the way all of the no limit rules have been in the Bay Area since the old lowball days. Same with the 3 blinds and the double-sized opener. They weren't making up rules, even though they seem kinda weird to you. That's just the way it is.

I'm telling you the time charge isn't that bad at all, either. Assuming the game has no cap, this would be the best place for low limit players to play in the Bay Area. When I used to play that game in Hayward, there were a couple of us playing 1000+stacks and others playing their 100. Every one of the deeper stacks loved playing against the 100 dollar guys (usually less when the money would go it) under that structure.
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