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Default Re: Les Miles to Coach Michigan


Herbstreit just came on ESPN and said that he is VERY confident in his sources, and that one of two things could have happened:

a) LSU gave Miles a ridiculous contract that he just could not turn down and beat Michigan to the punch.

b) this saga is not over.

I find it hard to believe that Herby would reiterate how confident he is in his sources on TV. Why not just rescind his comment if its not true?


[/ QUOTE ]


this thing is far from over...

[/ QUOTE ]

Listening to this LSU post-game sure sounds about over. Just said, flat out, he won't talk to us.

Not verbatim but something like this...

Reporter: "you left a little wiggle room..."
Miles: "there's no wiggle room. I'm certain. I can't take another job if I don't talk to anyone. I love it here, it's good to be home".
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