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Default Couple of strange hands from $5k 5diamond

25/50, 10k stacks.

I limp TT utg, random-middleaged guy limps UTG+1, bad button makes it 200, i call, UTG+1 calls

Flop 952r (675 in pot)
I check, UTG leads for 600, button folds, i call.
Turn T (1875)
I check, he checks.
River 7 (1875)
I lead 2k, he thinks and makes it 4k, I have 7k behind and shove.


100/200, 4500 stacks

bad old guy open limps in LP, apestyles limps button, SB completes and i check 9Tdd.

Flop 7d 9h Jd (800)
SB leads 300, i think and just call, old dude calls, and apestyle makes it 1200 straight. SB folds, I call w/ 3100 behind, old guy calls.

Turn 7h (4700)
I shove 3100.


The first one i felt like straights would be fairly unlikely and that he wouldnt be able to fold a set. I just call if i got there w/ 777, but i thought i could shove TTT.

The second i decided i had no fold equity shoving the flop over apestyle's raise - i'm not sure if tahts right or not, but since i thought i had none, i called to get some more money in the pot if i hit. Not sure what i think about the turn - not gonna get a J to fold, but c/f or c/c doesnt sound so great.

edit: meh, i think i shoulda shoved flop the 2nd time around, and not let old guy come along.
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