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Default Re: Les Miles to Coach Michigan


Right, but 14 would not be a bad thing if they didn't have 20 guys committed [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

[/ QUOTE ]
Trindon Holiday. Jacob Hester. Both 2*s.

[/ QUOTE ]

Right, which is why I prefaced my response saying that recruiting rankings/stars are kind of silly. It's somewhat consensus that LSU has got the guys they want but are being looked at strangely for some of the guys. Just thought that I would point out it's not really hard to recruit at a lot of schools so I would be worried about some of Les' in-game decisions just as I would about a bunch of others.

Brandon James 3*
Maurice Hurt 3*
Wondy PL 2*
Markihe Anderson 3*
Louis Murphy 3*
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