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Default Re: Les Miles to Coach Michigan

As a UC alum, season ticket holder and Michigan hater Brian Kelly in my opinion is the best option. He is a proven winner at every level and is in the same mold of a Jim Tressel. With respect to winning at all levels not in coaching strategy or game management. He runs a gimmicky offence and has made some very shaky game management calls at UC this year. His type of offense does not seem to fit the mold of a typical top tier Big ten team but his offense may change as his talent pool increases.

I am rooting for the Iowa coach so Michigan can have another Carr clone. If they do hire the Iowa coach Michigan can expect another 5-10 years of Tressel dominance. Regardless of who the new coach is Miles just sucked the life out of any momentum Michigan had coming. The new coach will have a big hill to climb to gain any equity against TOSU.
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