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A number of factors were taken into consideration when selecting a winner: How good the game was compared to others of its time, its overall game design, how well it stands up over the years, how influential it has been in the realm of gaming and just plain how much fun we had playing it are all points for contention.

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Super Mario Brothers and Tetris rightfully destroy a lot of games when judged by this criteria

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I know and when based on their criteria they used for judging, I have no problem with those two as #1 and 2. However, I feel like that as games and systems evolve, there are better games that can replace those games as the best ever. So by my criteria, SMB and Tetris are still very good games, but not the two best ever. Honestly, Tetris was just a puzzle game that I'm pretty sure my buddy (Who is a computer Science major at UM) could make in not that long of a time. It was influential, but I feel like there are games that have passed it in terms of being the greatest ever.
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