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Default Re: 2 interesting $400 PLO8 hands

to add color to my post:

hand 1:

you guys are not taking the preflop betting order into account. Button raised preflop, DAVE LED INTO A multiplayer field and then MP2 repotted him by putting in half his stack. MP2's range should squarely put him on a straight and will be holding a better low draw majority of hte time. and even if he doesn't, MP2 is going to be on a set or wrap + probable better low draw the rest of the time leaving Dave as a dog. this hand is dogshit preflop and a turd after the flop action.

Dave i'm guessing you don't want to hear about preflop in this hand because you know it's atrocious. (i'm defintiely calling the kettle black here.)

hand 2: in this spot, you need to discount number of outs available to you. with the short stack possibly stealing your spade outs OR pulling a donkey move with a pair + NLD i think it's a muck.

for those saying good price so call, my math comes out to 821:500. (how is this ratio possible in PL? isn't this a no-limit hand?)

the real price you're getting is worse than that because you're going to be calling the last of hte UTG $ on a blank turn.
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