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I never had cats till I lived with my GF. I always had dogs. They are great pets.
Short short version:

We got a cat named Puck. She took another cat to the vet. The vet said," you have to see this cat he is exquisite looking" then he lept to her and she had to keep him.

Anyway his human had to leave him with the vet permanently for some reason. He became pretty close to both of us. He would sleep over our heads and jump on our chest and purr for hours, do the cat message thing and sometimes he would clean my head for hours like I was his kitten or something. It was quite funny. He was an awesome pet.

Then he started getting crazy. Meowing for hours and such, staying in the closet etc. We found him dead shortly later. The vet said he had hyperthyroidism a common thing in older cats. We could have brought him to the vet much earlier as the signs were there but we did not know. We felt terrible that Puck ended up with dementia when all that was needed was a stinking pill daily that could have prolonged his life.

So I know what you are going through Boro. I hope you get another cat or forgive yourself because it was not intentional by any stretch........Sorry for your loss.

I hope you do not mind putting up a pic: It was not that far off from when he passed. He was a elderly cat at this point. 16-17 I think as we did not know for sure.

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