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Default Petition for attention of FTP. *With FTP\'s response.*


Many players here no longer feel comfortable at FTP. Not because they doubt the honesty of the games but they are worried, if they are accused, their money will be seized with no recourse and no real explanation as to the charges against them. I think a petition should be organised that we can all put our names to and submit this to FTP:
• We want to know how we can have a fair “hearing” if we are accused of wrongdoing.
• We want an immediate email when the account is suspended as to what we are being accused of.
• We want a realistic timescale as to how long an investigation is going to take.
If a moderator here could organise such a petition I for one would put my name on it.

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Edit: Please note that FTPSean has responded in this thread, here.
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