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Default Re: munchen or vienna

from what i've gathered one huge advantage austria has over germany is that online poker is legal( some say it's taxed, others say it isn't ...)

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Sorry for chiming in a bit late, but - if I understand the information given on the website of the Bundesministerium für Finanzen, the section on Glückspiel says that playing online poker is not legal in Austria - but that live games are allowed if the place arranging it does not make a profit from it. Is that somewhat correct? (My deutsch is not very good)

So, if the above information is correct, and I guess someone will correct me if it's not, I would think that it could be a problem if you are not listed with a job and yet live in a nice place and have enough money on your spending account etc. - that's surely something the tax department could pick up on and start asking questions about, or what?
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