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Default PBFan is a [censored] scammer..proof inside.


He PMed me about sending me a PokerStars for USD transfer. He acted like a bullshiiter the whole time so I never sent it. I didn't want to out him until I was 100% sure. So anyway we had this converstation about 11 hours before the tournament started. Do the math and he obviously has no intention of even coming out here. I suggest IP ban. (he gave me this AIM name via PM. I can post that too if you need further proof.) Also be sure never to deal with MrBelowBax on PartyPoker.

jamieharish (9:39:24 PM): hi
jamieharish (9:39:25 PM): yeah
guitman03 (9:39:33 PM): where are you?
jamieharish (9:40:00 PM): england.
guitman03 (9:40:03 PM): OK, so are you flying out to Macau then?
jamieharish (9:40:42 PM): yeah, late tonight i'm out.. i'll prob stay some miles out of it.. unless i stop with someone as i havn't booked a hotel yet.
guitman03 (9:41:34 PM): in how many hours u flyin out?
jamieharish (9:42:03 PM): like i said, we can meet up, play poker together no problem, but i'm not going to bring out 10k unless you put a $500-2k deposit down... not 1am
guitman03 (9:42:01 PM): not 1 am?
jamieharish (9:42:24 PM): not until 1am*(
guitman03 (9:42:20 PM): what time is it now?
jamieharish (9:42:40 PM): 2.45pm
jamieharish (9:46:57 PM): ?
guitman03 (9:46:51 PM): OK I will send you $2K
guitman03 (9:46:55 PM): what is your star SN?
jamieharish (9:47:19 PM): PP?
guitman03 (9:47:12 PM): yeah, PP then.
jamieharish (9:47:46 PM): MrBelowBax. i need alll your datails now
jamieharish (9:47:51 PM): hotel, name,
jamieharish (9:47:54 PM): room number
jamieharish (9:47:56 PM): mobile number
guitman03 (9:48:08 PM): are you playing in the main event here?
jamieharish (9:48:33 PM): why else would i fly out..
jamieharish (9:48:52 PM): did you read that thread?
jamieharish (9:49:03 PM): someone thought i was flying out there to give you 10k
jamieharish (9:49:10 PM): get it on pp then come back
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