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Default Re: munchen or vienna

thanks for all the info , mates, great replies.

first of all i've never played live poker but i looked into in since you mentioned it. it seems there's one top notch casino in vienna but stakes are very low for live games and the rake is insane , plus i would probably be bored out of my mind playing 40 hands an hour. there are other reasons i wouldn't like live poker but not worth mentioning, basically it's not for me.. at least at this point in my poker ''career''.

the living costs are not a problem as long as i can withdraw money without getting in trouble. from what i've gathered one huge advantage austria has over germany is that online poker is legal( some say it's taxed, others say it isn't ...) while in germany it's not legal( but i am told nobody cares and nobody pays taxes) . can you give me some opinions on that? how do you handle yourself as a german poker pro? how do you withdraw money? i usually use moneybookers since neteller is not available in romania and i'm still not sure about epass since they can't seem to be able to give me a straight answer. would i be fine withdrawing from mb to a german bank account? what limits should i have to stay under the radar? could i get audited for something like this? what do you tell people you do for a living? can there be any problems with laws or taxes?

why is everyone saying munich is far more expensive [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] on all the lists i've found vienna is much higher

one last thing - any pros here from munich ?

cheers, mates [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

ps: about berlin - i guess it doesn't seem like my kind of city, from things i've heard and seen. i am not sure i could register as a student in germany, i dropped out of college years ago and have no intention to go back... i didn't even get my high school diploma from them, they still have it lol .
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