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Default Re: munchen or vienna

It's the gate to the south east in Europe, and it probably becomes even more important since the EU "expands" to Eastern Europe.
I was on vacation in Vienna for one week at the beginning of October. The city seems to be nice, maybe not that clean (especially compared to Munich), but it's not dirty. I havent seen vomit or something on the street, this might be the case in some districts, but i guess not everywhere.
The nightlife isnt that great imo, not much going on.
I dont know much about the people, i just know my aunt, and she's friendly [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img].
My uncle lives in Vienna and he really likes the city. I think it's not a bad choice to move there.
Pokerwise: Vienna >>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;> Munich.

My dad worked there for 2 years, and we visited him a few times. I really like Munich, it's probably the best big city in Germany.
They have a lot of nice restaurants, run by the beer breweries, with traditional food, which i like a lot.
The city is extremely clean, at least that's my impression.
The "English Garden" is a nice calm place to hang out, and fits your search of a park.
The nightlife is also pretty good.
There are a lot of things to say about Munich, many things I dont know about.

If I was you, I'd prefer Munich over Vienna.
You said, you play NL HU, so your bankroll isnt too small i guess. If that's the case you should be able to afford both cities, but Munich is much more expensive than Vienna.
Regarding racism, I think both cities dont have that many problems with it, I dont know about Vienna, but Munich is not a "No-Go-Area" like some parts in the east of Germany.
Both Munich and Vienna have a social-democratic majors, but Bavaria as a state is very conservative.

That's all I know about the two cities. But I advice you to visit both cities and find out about it yourself. It's probably the best way to get an impression.
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