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Default Re: $10k Foxwoods - Small underpair multiway hand vs Danny Wong

westmenlo, that was EXACTLY the reasoning I had at the time and I folded my hand on the river despite getting 5:1.

FWIW I think I definitely should have double barreled on the turn though to get him off Tx and 75, 53 type hands (yes, 75 and 53 are both in his preflop range) since he has to be deathly afraid of an overpair at this point and perhaps the J hits me sometimes as well. I mean sure, he can have bottom or middle set but a naked pair is much more likely than either of those.

And Danny Wong is also good enough to look me up with Tx on the river if I jam over his tiny tiny bet because most people *would* probably bet the turn with an overpair, and if they check for pot control they are not jamming on the river. I represent nothing by shoving river.

edit: also, I gave consideration to the chance that he was betting a 6x on the end hoping to get called by ace-high or whatever, but there's no way he peels that on the flop out of position, not closing the action when I c-bet into *three* people when there's an overcard showing.
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