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Default Re: $10k Foxwoods - Small underpair multiway hand vs Danny Wong

He's making this bet with a monster or with air and a wide range in between.

[/ QUOTE ]

Assuming that Danny Wong is the good, thinking player that I have heard he is he really should have air here a very very small percentage of the time if ever (certainly not 15 percent of the time), OP raised preflop and bet into 5 people, I'm sure Danny knows that more often than not OP is going to at least have a pair, Danny also knows that most people will not fold a pair to this sized river bet so him showing up with air here seems highly unlikely. Not to mention that although he may be crazy and very creative I doubt he is going to try some crazy float here in a 5 way pot so there are really very few "air" hands that he can have, 57 or a 6 being the only two that I can really come up with, and playing either of those hands in this way is very poor imo. The most likely scenario imo is that Danny holds some sort of 10 and has put OP on something like 77-99 and believes that this sized bet will get the most value out of these hands.

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