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Default Re: 25/50 HU RR pot 150 bb deep good spot for a river bluff?

are you actually shoving like JTss here for value in this spot?

[/ QUOTE ]

i cannot imagine why we wou ld not be shoving this for value in this spot

i think the bluff's fine, i agree he's got two queens a lot

[/ QUOTE ]

wha? what makes you think this

[/ QUOTE ]

when i said two queens, i meant JJ, QQ, KQ or KJ type hands. the reason i think this is those are hands that three bet before the flop freqently, don't bet the turn, but bet the river for value.

i can't imagine him not betting the turn with an ace, i guess he can have two kings here sometimes since he might not just v v v value it because you guys are deeper.
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