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Default Re: A5s in blind battle.

I think Baltostar's ideas regarding expected EV given a particular hand are actually conceptually similar to those expressed in Professional NLH Volume 1, which focuses on SPR (stack-to-pot ratio) and optimal SPR's for given hands. So perhaps we'll be seeing a book by Baltostar published by 2p2 in the near future.

[/ QUOTE ]

I didn't even know about this. But I have that book sitting in my pile of to-be-read so I'll take a look soon.

I'm actually kind of surprised I receive so much resistance here to my ideas. If you talk with good professional traders it's all about protecting oneself from over-scaling a trade. In trading, all manner of mechanisms (including absolute rules regarding % of bankroll risk on a given situation) are deployed to prevent oneself from defeating oneself by assuming excessive variance relative to a perceived opp.

Clearly, poker is not trading because in poker you can target single thinking opponents, but nonetheless some extremely valuable concepts are generally transferrable.
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