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Default Re: HSNL [censored] THREAD OCTOBER

So I sat with "John Newcombe" at 25/50 today because I watched him play and felt he was bad (button raise, sb RRses, he's in the BB and tanks for like 2min typing "wowowowow this one's a doozy" in the chatbox before folding and typing "99"). According to google he's some kind of ex-tennis pro.

I bluffed him out of a big pot and he kept berating me saying that his pocket 8's were probably the nuts there (it was) then he started doing [censored] like C-betting into a K44 flop and showing his CrAzY bluff with JT (man he's good)!

Needless to say I got to stack him with a set on a 652 flop where we got it all in on the turn (he ironically had 99) he subsequently goes crazy then I type this:

"I was going to fold but you kept showing all those bluffs and I couldn't give you credit for 34 in that spot"

(I know I know, don't tap the fishtank but it didn't look like he was gonna rebuy anyways). My only regret is that I forgot to slowroll him.

Cliffnotes: John Newcombe is horrible: FACT.

Anyone else had experience with this guy?

[/ QUOTE ]

he's a 3/6 fish that went on a PLO heater. yes he sucks and yes every hand he is dealt is a big decision that needs to be discussed in the chat.

thx for busting him so he can come back down to 3/6 and 5/10
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