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Default Re: 25/50 two purrs vs a mongoloid

hard to imagine anyone plays a flush draw like this.

[/ QUOTE ]

i think this, then i call and they have it. whether or not its good, people play fd like this. that said, i think this is very close, not sure at all what i would do, but if i called i wouldn't be shocked to see a fd. whether i called or not would depend on what kind of lagtard monkey this was, because some would just shove flop with any fd, and some would, upon realizing that OP prob is never folding flop, just call to see if they can hit it

once they do spike, they figure hey they'll expect me to check if i hit so i'll move in and they will have to call! or they have a non nut flush and realize OP is checking behind tons of turns and they don't want to see a 4th heart.
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