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Default Re: no love for mjorg?

Mike Matusow: why do i wan tto play that nit
Mike Matusow: come to vegas he can play me as high as he wants live
Mike Matusow: u allheros on the ft video gam e
SamH133: lol he sas hell make u signg world hold on
Mike Matusow: huh
SamH133: he says hes adz and hes goin to come on the next hsp
Mike Matusow: ask mjorgenson how he did vs me live last two weeks
Mike Matusow: see if he wnats some
Mike Matusow: everyone wants some when they cnat look at me
SamH133: how much u beat him for?
Mike Matusow: he quit
Mike Matusow: we good friends though now
Mike Matusow: he plays good
SamH133: yea hes good
Mike Matusow: he just got to see my live game and knows what hes dealing with

[/ QUOTE ]

ummm... mike is the man, and I enjoyed hanging out with him, but everything he said is completely false, anyone who was in the games can attest to the fact that Mike and I played together once, never heads up, never played a big or even medium sized pot vs him and I was a sizable winner in both the games in Turks and the games in Aruba. Not sure why Mike felt the need to fabricate this story, but I guess he is insecure or something.
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