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Default Re: Average Speed XVII Game Thread

The time is Friday, July 20, 2007.
The location is the Barnes and Noble in your local town.

You and your friends have been anxiously awaiting this day for almost two years.
Speculating, hypothesizing, even arguing about what is to come.
Yes, it is in but a few hours that all of your theories of the close of JK Rowling's epic series will be proven true or false. You can't wait to finally hold that seventh book in your hands. Yes, tonight is the night that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is finally being released.

You thought it would be a simple process of waiting in a line with 1000 strangers, laughing at people dressed up in costumes sillier than your own, and participating in a countdown just before midnight.
However, there are rumors. Rumors circulating the Internet. Some true, some false, yet either way, there are people seeking to take this most glorious of occasions from you. Seeking to ruin this experience for you. You, along with your fellow Harry Potter fans, must band together to hunt out and seek out these would-be spoilers, so that you can buy your book and read it in peace. Two among you have the ability to look into a soul and determine whether someone is truly a Harry Potter fan, or is simply here to ruin the experience for others.

Constant Vigilance is imperative in finding these evil Internet bunglers, so take all necessary precautions in hunting them down.

Good luck!

14 True Harry Potter fans (villagers), 5 Spoilers (wolves), two soul-searchers (seers)


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