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Default Average Speed XVII Game Thread


Some ground rules:

21 players - 14 villagers, 5 wolves, 2 seers.
Seers are 3/4 seers in that they receive peeks on every night, with the exception of n1, n5, and n9.

Everyone should have received a PM with their role. If you did not, please let me know immediately.

Outside Communication

No talking about the game outside of the thread, with the exception of wolfchat, which may take place at any time throughout the day (24 hour wolfchat).


Night will be called at 10:00PM every night (9:59 good, 10:00 not good), except over the weekend, where there will be a single day consisting of both Saturday and Sunday, where night will be called Sunday night at 10:00PM.

Day will be called around 9AM every morning, so night actions are due by 9AM.

Night Actions

Wolves, please submit your nightly kill via PM. The last PM I receive (that closest to 9AM) is the one that I will accept as your final kill, so please make sure you're going to agree if you choose to send in multiple kills.

Seers, please submit your peek via PM. The first PM with a peek that I receive is that one that I will accept as your final peek, so please make sure to get it right the first time.


Standard rules about posts. No deleting of posts, and if you must edit, make sure that you aren't changing any content, just fixing tags, punctuation, etc., and make sure to note what the changes were.
Please don't post after night has been called. Accidents are bound to happen, but try to keep it to a minimum.
A killed player is allowed a single, brief non-content post after they have died, but please be sure to keep it non-content.

Majority Lynching
If, at any point, during any day, a single player has the majority of the votes, night instantly occurs, and posting should cease. Even if a mod is not around to call night, if you notice there is a majority, please call night yourself.
Under normal circumstances, multiple days in one won't be an option, but we'll see if there is a situation, where this would be an acceptable idea.

Mets has graciously offered to help co-mod, so he will be helping out with some countifs throughout the day, and calling night in the event that I can't be there.

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