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Default Re: Survivor Season 2: Pog Island [GAME THREAD]


There are three categories for this challenge: Movies, Television, and Music. I will post 5 partial/mangled images for each category -- screenshots for TV/Movies, album covers for Music. Each player must complete the following information:

Television -- TV Show, Character's Name, Actor's Name
Movie - Movie Title, Character's Name, Actor's Name
Music - Band Name, Album Title, Original Year of Album Release

This challenge will run until <font color="red">THURSDAY, 9 PM Eastern</font>. Since there are 45 potential points, I'm assuming there will be no ties. If there are, or more than one player gets 100% of the answers correct, then the first player to submit wins immunity.

Answers will only be accepted by PM's titled WHAT THE HELL IS IT CHALLENGE. Players may submit multiple times, but I will only use the last PM submitted before Noon Tomorrow.

ANY PLAYER FAILING TO SUBMIT AN ENTRY WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GAME BEFORE THE TRIBAL COUNCIL. I will attempt to ensure there is at least a couple "gimme" points in here, but if you don't know a single one, then guess -- there is no penalty for wrong answers. If you can't come up with an educated guess, make stuff up and submit anyway.

Images coming in about 30 minutes. Commence complaints about how this was the hardest challenge of Survivor Season 1.
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