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Default Re: NL1k KK, 3-bet pot 160bb. I want to kill myself when I see this flop.

I guess this is an easy felt 100bb deep, but 160bb deep it is kinda worrysome obv against a player like this that is not that aggro postflop. His reraise size does seem to kind of be inviting you to push over the top (illusion of fold equity). To me, I can not imagine that folding on the flop would be big -EV. He definitly could be bluff raising but he does not seem to be the type. Of course he could have QQ or JJ but I am not so sure he would play those so fast. I am thinking he more likely has a set, AA (though he prob 4bets this preflop this deep), or an Ace high flush draw .... based on that you could use pokerstove, if this was a much more aggro player I would almost certainly be felting ...
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