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Default Re: Live 2/5: AQo

His stack is 350+125+80 = $505?

This hand is fairly ugly and I think the critical decision is preflop. By calling, you're saying you are willing to play for stacks with top pair. Two postflop bets will make that happen and I don't think you will have enough information to fold top pair.

It's OK to fold to the reraise if you're not willing to go AI if you flop TP. The read, if you will, is that he sat out a full orbit so that would tell me he's more likely a patient rather than gambling player.

There's $410 in the pot at the turn. Because of stack and pot sizes, I could argue for an all-in to protect your hand, or "check to induce the river bet, which you will call." ...or a smallish bet to suck in a weaker pair.

Before you fold the river, think why does he bet the flop and check the turn? With the two broadways on board, I think he would be more likely to bet *something* with any made hand. Unless it's Ace-10 specifically.
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