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Default Re: raising a bunch of limpers??


I like theoretical concepts with no hand posts, mainly because I throw those on here as well! I play micro stakes (SnG's at $6, full ring cash games at uNL10), so I can't really comment on MTTs/higher stakes.

I only ever really worry about the first two limpers having strong hands. By the time the third limper rolls around, you know s/he's not likely to be peddling the nuts or s/he would have already popped a raise - at this point they (I'm assuming the "they" are not complete morons) realize that limping will encourage weak hands to enter (since they're being priced in), thus reducing the chances of their strong hand holding up post flop.

So if I have a strong hand (relative to position), and no one has shown any strength, I'm raising regardless of limpers. The only adjustment I tend to make is the amount of the raise propotional to the # of calls. So if two players have limped in before me, I'm more likely to open for 5xbb vs. a standard 3xbb.

If one of the first two callers then re-raises, I would let the strength of my hand/knowledge of opponent determine my play. If they are a nit, calling with anything less than AQs is usually suicide, and if they are pretty aggressive, I would contemplate seeing the board with AJs.

Again though, this is micro stakes (at Party). You will get re-raised with some "interesting" hands even from EP. So I find that betting my stronger holdings against limpers is frequently profitable.
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