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Default raising a bunch of limpers??

how do people find this works these days? thinking more in MTT and SNG's with moderate stacks... do you find it works? or do you find too often one of the first two limpers is just looking to reraise? i.e. too many people limp to reraise??

not really beginners questions, but i thought i'd put it here as it's conceptual in nature, something beginners probably wonder about and if i post on STT or MTT forum they seem to always want a hand posted. don't seem to like concept posts.

thanks in advance!!! i'd got away from doing this, started doing it a bit more again and it's working. finding it's mostly that first limper you need to worry about (of course, the reward isn't that great either, and if you do it from one of the blinds and get caller(s), now you're out of position.
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