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Default Using Search before posting, and my intro (for now)

Hello, and welcome to the Home Poker forum! This post will be changing a lot over the next month or so (some may be caused by the upcoming software change over Dec 1-2nd, 2007) and my personal message at the bottom will be updated, then eventually removed.
Donít be surprised if AJís sticky and mine eventually merge.

I) <font color="blue"> <u> Search first, then ask!</u> </font> There have been some very good posts by others on how to most effectively use the 2+2 search functionality. For now, I'll simply link them here.
Please review some of these before you ask a question that has probably been addressed multiple times.

Note that the upcoming software upgrade may render some of these functions inoperable. Iím just learning about these myself, by playing with the beta site. Iíll update here when I have a good grasp

Pokeyís search writeup

Stevie Gís search walkthrough

PITTMís writeup

Another hint, by AncientPC:

"Putting quotes means to search for that exact term, i.e. searching a phrase.

If you search for "poker tracker" it will only return results with the phrase "poker tracker". However if you use + between, e.g. poker + tracker, it will return results with the either poker or tracker in the post.

Most search engines add the + where there is a space by default, but not the search function on these forums which causes some confusion."

Hopefully that helps everyone navigate more successfully when trying to find your particular information.

<font color="green"><u> LLís personal introduction </u>

First, Iíd like to thank a number of you, who sent me congratulations either publicly or privately. I appreciate the kind words.

For those of you who are newer to our little private club, Iíve been a 2+2 member ever since I first starting thinking about putting together my own, regular, home game, after getting a taste of ďrealĒ poker in the East Coast casinos and then the CCC in Trenton, NJ.

I have been posting on 2+2 since, primarily in Home PokerÖ as that is where my true poker self can be found.

And now that Iíve been granted the ďultimate powerĒ
(cue the scene in Disneyís <u>Aladdin</u>, when Jafar first gets turned into an evil genie)

.... to assist AJFenix in moderating this forum, I look forward to working with all of you to keep this forum humming along, as it always has. I donít expect my change in color to affect how any of you treat me- in fact, Iíd be disappointed if you didnít give me the appropriate level of abuse that I earn! :P

Once we get squared away with the new software , Iím hoping many of you can help both AJ and I consolidate some information and help new members to grow to love Home Poker, as much as all of us here already do.

Now, letís shuffle the cards, cue the cutting, yet fun-loving insults, and have some fun!