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Default Classic B&M Forum Threads - READ THIS FIRST!

Here is a listing of some of the best threads & resources the B&M forum has to offer:

The Definitive Guide to using the 2+2 Forums Search!

A Newbie Guide to B&M Small Stakes No Limit Cash Games

The gigantic Vegas restaurant thread - Searching for a topic on any forum at 2+2? this is your first stop!

Las Vegas development maps

The B&M Card Room Newbie Guide v. 4

LasVegasMichael's list of Regularly Spread Tournaments in Vegas

InThacup's "A trip report I never posted..." - this is perhaps the most beloved trip report in 2+2 history!

JSD's guide to low limit straddling - A very funny look at a -EV activity

Casino player ratings & the host position - trying2learn tells us what its like to be a host, and how to use a casino host for your advantage.

Congratulations! You just became the manager of a Vegas poker room! How would you manage a card room if your job was to assure a specific limit game?

The definitive tipping post - visiting Las Vegas? This is the thread to discuss how much you should tip. Its a thread thats sure to cause controversy, but its a great guideline.

A great thread where there is lots of discussion about underground clubs, and the legal issues around them. - this thread is mostly about NYC's troubles, but its possible the legal concepts will apply in other states as well.

How to navigate Las Vegas traffic on and around the strip - learn all the secret side roads the locals use.