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Default Re: why does this forum care so much about religion

Atheism promotes neither torture nor murder

[/ QUOTE ]

Of course not. Not yet. But wait until the first Atheist Docrine is written and see what happens.

I might claim that the reason that the soviet union, headed by an Atheist, tortured and murdered so many, some of whom did believe in God, was because Stalin did not believe in God and didn't want anyone else too because he found religion dangerous so he murdered those that believed. I might claim this, I can't prove this, even though there is probably some truth to it, but you can't disprove it. I might claim the same thing goes on in China. I can't prove the motivation of the Chinese leaders for supressing human rights. But it certainly isn't because they believe in God.

Atheism can be blamed for the actions of atheists that kill. They don't necessarily need a doctrine to follow. They may have decided in their own mine that atheism is there badge to do as they please.

O.K I said that I could show lots of examples. I was wrong. Sue me.

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