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Meh, its close. You are calling .80 to win the max of about $10 (his stack plus whats already in the pot). It's hard to know if he actually has a legit hand here, so its hard to gauge if you are more likely to get paid off if you do flop a set. Some minraising retards 3 ball the good stuff, others are the "*giggle* lets slow play!" type. I suspect this is one of those spots where its so close it doesnt much matter. Given that, I prolly just go ahead and call, I don't want him thinking he can 3 bet me with crap and I'll fold, and also hes destined to lose his stack at this table most likely, so I might as well be the one to take it. So I call and shount "one time baby!!" at my monitor

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Ok, so here we assume since he's such narb, there's a very good chance we'll get his whole stack.

Assuming we take his whole stack if we hit a set, we are getting ~10.5-1 implied odds. The odds of us hitting are 7.5-1.

Even though we won't get his whole stack all the time, our implied odds are probably better than 7.5-1 so we call.

Did I get all of those numbers right?

Oh, and congrats on getting "picked". I'm very jealous.

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The odds of hitting your set are 7.5:1, but you can't assume you are going to stack him everytime.
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