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Default Full Tilt: Wife under one affiliate? Hubby under another?

My wife had a Full Tilt account from over a year ago. She hasn't played on it in quite some time, but it was a rakeback account and is tied to her personal neteller account

I wanted to set up a rakeback account for myself. I've never had one there. Obviously I want to use my own neteller. I didn't want to wait on FT support to email me with some answers cause I'm impatient. My desire was to get a different affiliate than her. The % is the same, but the payment methods are better from the other guy.

I thought I'd just clear the client software from my computer, clean the registry and delete cookies, etc.

I downloaded through the new affiliate link, but my wife's old account information is still saved therem, leading me to believe it may not be linked to the new affiliate. I thought about just starting a new account anyway and taking my chances, but thought I'd ask here first.

If I sign up for a new account, will I be linked to the new affiliate or not?

Much thanks 2+2.
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