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so i was on tilt and drove back to santa barbara.

first one stacks like 1600 get it in with T9 on 387J vs J8 river 8

next one AdKd vs ??? Kx7x5d3d7x after i pot flop 2/3 pot turn and 2/3ish river he raises riv i throw up fold and he shows me a 7 so he had 7h6h or Ah7h for some absurd suckout

then standard flush overflush cooler where i try to steal with 8s6s on KQ7r 1 spade and somehow As3s not only manages to find a peel to my pot size bet OOP but also manages to make backdoor flush bigger than mine but i'm so [censored] good i lost barely anything once he got there. also he was either bluffing or had a better flush so it wasnt so tough.

also played 1 hand like [censored] bc we were like 5k deep and once its >3k deep im basically lost and confused and i missed prob like 500-1k in value depending on how big pot was and how much i would/should have bet