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Default Searching by IP

Please forgive me if this has been discussed before but the word "IP" is too short for a search.

Is there anyway to search by IP? There are some 2p2'ers that have become very good at guessing a trolls alternate identity. Alobar for instance has probably guessed 8 people correctly. After more than a few requests for checking a trolls IP I started to think that maybe this kind of moderation shouldn't be limited to guesswork. When you have someone with only 6 posts making some all too familiar inflammatory arguments it becomes much easier to revoke their freedom of speech if their IP's bring up any names that happen to have a long list of notes on their account profile. A how to guide should probably be written up on how to ban by IP but if you have two trolls hotly debating the same topics, writing with the same style and using the same IP address that's pretty solid motivation for another warning ban. You don't have to tell them that you know who they are you just slap them around a bit for making a similar offense.

Just a thought....

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